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The only international appointment book

If you have a multicultural client base, or even clients who come from different countries, then You'reOnTime is the only web based salon software that can fit your needs.

We have the ability to automatically send out reminder emails or SMS message in multiple languages based on the language of the client. Not only that, we can send SMS to any country, not just where you are located.

It's all part of the You'reOnTime advantage.

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It's been a big 2015, and welcome 2016!

2015 has been a big year for You'reOnTime. As well as increasing our number of clients by 100% we have added heaps of new feature, more than any other similar software package.

Version 2.52 - December 31st 2015
  • Improved waiting list time calculation
  • More detailed appointments list report
  • Can delete all public holidays
  • Single use for a client promotions
  • More detailed products report including products requiring ordering
  • Client Other or Middle name field
  • Client Gender field and in marketing
  • Option to pin out immediately after a sale
  • Business use sales charged at wholesale price
  • Display SMS length when typing message
  • Default note template when creating a client note
  • Can setup a default template for emailed receipts
  • Signature required can be displayed on 80mm receipts
  • Day of the week report
  • Online booking summary report
  • Date range option when exporting
  • Detailed service report
  • Display current location in header
Version 2.51 - November 19th 2015
  • Processing time can be during a service as well as at the end
  • Notify staff of prior discounts a client had
  • Additional filter options on marketing search
  • Standby list for clients looking for an appointment
  • More dashboards
  • Can turn off prompt for conflicting appointment bookings
  • Can view clients in mobile app
  • Last name on clients is now optional
  • Birthday SMS and Email's can be sent out 14 or 30 days ahead
Version 2.50 - November 7th 2015
  • Commission for staff can be set at service level
Version 2.49 - November 5th 2015
  • Check in forms


Version 2.48 - October 22nd 2015
  • Public holidays can be entered
  • Staff holidays can be entered
Version 2.47 - October 10th 2015
  • Staff Time Cards
  • Reason prompt when cancelling appointment
  • Reason prompt when deleting payment
  • Staff can pin log into different locations
  • Cancellations widget on dashboard
  • Payments export
  • Simplified promotions configuration
  • Packages can have multiple services
  • Can jump ahead weeks on appointments
Version 2.46 - September 14th 2015
  • Can automatically add a fee to a sale
  • Can spread package commissions for each staff member
Version 2.45 - September 8th 2015
  • Unsent reminders list in appointments
  • No Sale / Cash Out Report
  • When a booking is make SMS or Email sent to client
Version 2.44 - August 20th 2015
  • Performance Improvements
  • Client retention report
  • Client credit memos
  • Reminder period in hours
  • Prompt to enter missing client details after sale
Version 2.43 - July 20th 2015
  • Linked (required) services
Version 2.42 - July 16th 2015
  • Enhanced role security options
  • Enhanced Monthly Sales list report
  • Online booking emails customisable
  • Online booking staff selection optional
  • Online booking referrer field
Version 2.41 - June 8th 2015
  • Voucher codes can be reused to extend credit on card
  • Self Check In for clients
  • Appointments colored based on service category
Version 2.40 - May 10th 2015
  • Gift Vouchers can be purchased online
  • Can enter time when making a payment
  • Can enter a note when adding an appointment
Version 2.39 - April 26th 2015
  • Waiting Lists and Waiting List Wall Board
  • Can require selection of sale staff when adding item
  • More receipt printer and hardware configuration options
Version 2.38 - March 29th 2015
  • Can set individual service prices and time lengths for each staff member
Version 2.37 - March 28th 2015
  • Stripe Payment Integration
  • Better handling of deposits in online booking
  • Various bug fixes
Version 2.36 - March 9th 2015
  • Authorize.Net Payment Integration
  • Prepaid services
  • Various bug fixes
Version 2.35 - February 15th 2015
  • Can tip using credit cards
  • Better HTML email handling
  • Various bug fixes
Version 2.34 - January 31th 2015
  • Terminals for sales
  • SMS status tracking
  • Better handling of non-english SMS
  • Greek translation of online booking
  • Various bug fixes
Version 2.33 - January 10th 2015
  • Can set package length when making a sale
  • Display change required after making payment
  • Cancellation list screen
  • Live chat support
  • Extra details on A4/A5 invoices and receipts
  • Can set a SMS or Email reminder template for each client
  • Display gift card details on receipt
  • HTML editors for reminder and marketing emails
  • Can export files as UTF8
  • New languages for online booking
  • Various bug fixes

Easy reminder management helps reduce no shows

Occasionally when coming into the salon the client will mention that they didn't receive a SMS reminder message. SMS reminders are essential to your business reducing no shows and cancellations so if you have them enabled it can be disconcerting to hear that comment. In fact, it is one of the most common support questions we get. The Unsent SMS Reminders button on appointments comes to the rescue.

Unsent SMS Reminders

Clicking this button will show you a screen with the exact reason the client didn't receive a SMS. The most common reasons are simple once you see them, the client has opted out of receiving messages or they don't have a phone number entered. Other reasons might be an incorrect phone number causing the message to bounce and not be delivered.

It's all to easy with You'reOnTime.


Using the standby list for better client retention

If you have a busy salon that is great for business, but it inevitably means some people won't be able to make an appointment when they want to. That is when the standby list comes to the rescue. Rather than telling the client to try again in a few weeks, or booking them a long way in advance, or keeping a hard to manage paper list, the standby list will allow you to take their details, preferred time frame and staff right alongside the appointment book.


Once on the standby list if someone cancels in the preferred time frame you can create a new appointment directly from the standby list with the staff, service and client all loaded straight into the appointment. It is so easy to use and the clients will love it when you call to let them know a spot has opened up.

Once again, You'reOnTime has your back in running a better business. Sign up now for your free 30 day trial.


Finally a paperless salon with electronic check in forms

Anyone who has been to a salon, doctor or therapist will know the routine, walk in the door and be handed a clipboard with details to fill out. You'reOnTime has finally answered with electronic check in forms that can be filled out by clients on an iPad and then linked directly to their client record. Features include

  • You will be prompted to give a form to the client when they arrive
  • Forms can be general or specific to a service
  • Forms can be emailed to clients to fill out before arrival
  • Electronic signatures for permissions or waivers
  • Linked directly to the clients record for future reference
  • Any number of your own questions can be added to be filled out

Features like this are showing why You'reOnTime truly is the only complete solution.