Top Four Tips to Grow Your Salon or Spa Business

Three years ago I decided I would finally act on the goal I’ve had since I started cosmetology school 12 years ago; to own my own salon. More specifically, my first action in making that a reality was to quit the salon I worked in at the time and become independent. Here are my four top tips for growing your independent studio business:

1. Brand Yourself – Create a signature service or action that you will take in your business to make yourself unique from your competition. Don’t just copy them and try to do things better, do them differently. Also, enlist a graphic designer to create a rockin’ logo that is memorable and will set you apart…don’t just go grab a generic logo off Vistaprint. That makes you look cheap and you’ll attract the same. 728x90

2. Establish Relationships – One way to set yourself apart is to answer the phone. Don’t answer while you’re with another client, but do take phone call appointments rather than immediately setting up an online booking option. You’re going to want to attract quality clients, not just any clients. You have to love the people you’re working with every day in order to avoid getting burnt out. After all, you’re the only one bringing in the money to rent your space!

3. Be Consistent – Make a routine for yourself of following up with existing clients. If they didn’t rebook after their last appointment, contact them two weeks before they’re due. Send a friendly reminder via text that they’re due and you’d love to get them in before all the slots are gone. Once you’ve corralled the stragglers who hadn’t rebooked, develop a habit of rebooking every single client before they leave.

4. Dress the Part – You’re the boss. You run the show. You can dress however you want – even if that means jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of flip-flops every day, right? Heck no! Well sure you can…if that’s the type of client you want to attract to your chair. Do you want clients who make beauty their priority? Who choose to spend their money every month (no matter how much or how little they earn) on your services? Sure you do! Those clients want to visit someone who takes their career seriously. First impressions mean a lot whether you like it or not. How you’re dressed will say a thousand words about how serious you are about being the successful hair expert they’re looking for. Cheers to you and your success!