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There water squirts through the venturi, causing a larger volume of water to return back up the larger of the two 2-line jet pump pipes and onwards into the building water system.

  • The difference is that a 1 line jet pump's venturi is above ground, while the 2 line jet pump's venturi or injector is down in the well.

  • To be clear about how your 2 line jet pump is working to deliver water to the building in the building or somewhere above ground a 2 line jet pump includes an impeller that pushes water down the smaller-diameter well pipe and near the bottom of that pipe, in the well, water is pushed through a jet or venturi - an opening shaped like a funnel.

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A 2-line jet pump, in comparison, can lift water hundreds of feet.

  • A video clip of them getting their lips plumped, or botox, or whatever they were doing to their face this go-round popped up on social media, leaving fans shaking their heads.

  • Heartbroken, Cooper requested a leave of absence, returning to duty months later.